• Boost Community Adoption and Improve User Experience

  • If You Build It, Will They Come?

    You’ve invested heavily in your Salesforce Community, working hard to deliver valuable content for your customers and partners.

    After migrating countless knowledge articles, tweaking page layouts and announcing your new Community to your customer and partner ecosystem, launch was a success! But this isn’t “Field of Dreams.” How do you make sure your Community is “sticky” and your users keep coming back again and again?

    With Fave&Follow, your Community Members can quickly and easily tailor their Community experience to meet their needs.

    Favorites allow Users to save the records they access most frequently, reducing clicks and simplifying navigation through the Community.

    Fave&Follow lets your Community Members follow the knowledge articles that are important to them. Any time the articles are updated, your Users will receive an automatic alert prompting them to return to your Community and review the latest information.

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    A simple, powerful Lightning Community Add-On

    For Community Managers, keeping Users engaged and accessing your content frequently is critical to the long term success of the Community.

    Community Members can save time by creating Favorites for key records they access often. Simpler than a browser bookmark, a User’s Favorites are stored within Salesforce and immediately available from any browser or device only one click away.

    Best of all, Favorites are fully supported by Salesforce reports. This allows Community Managers to understand which content is resonating with the Community, and use that information to build out additional content.

    A critical resource for Community Members, knowledge articles are constantly being updated. With Fave&Follow, your Users can follow the knowledge articles that are important to them. Going forward, they’ll receive notifications automatically any time a followed Knowledge Article is updated.

    Fave&Follow is compatible with Lightning Communities with full branding capabilities, based on and built for use with Salesforce Community Cloud©.

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  • Pricing Guide

    We currently offer pricing models for Communities based on number of logins or based on number of Community members.

    Communities* with Pricing Per Member

    # of Members Annual Price
    1 - 100 Members $2,500.00
    101 - 500 Members $5,000.00
    501 - 5,000 Members $10,000.00
    5,001 - 10,000 Members $20,000.00
    10,001+ Members Call Us

    Communities* with Pricing Per Login

    # of Logins Annual Price
    1 - 2,000 Logins $2,500.00
    2,001 - 10,000 Logins $5,000.00
    10,001 - 20,000 Logins $10,000.00
    20,001 - 100,000 Logins $20,000.00
    100,001+ Logins Call Us

    Prices do not include applicable sales tax

    * Members or Logins can be for Customer, Customer Plus or Partner Communities.
    ** Members or Login totals can span multiple Communities

  • Not Sure Which Plan to Choose?

    We can help you decide which package will meet your needs. Drop us a line for more information or to request a demo.

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